Madoc ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn(b.c. 1125, d. 1160)

D in Welsh Madoc Dynasties: Kingdom of Powys"
D in "The Prince Madocs of Acton, Lancashire"
D in "The Prince Madocs of Sutton-Madoc, Shropshire"

This Prince Madoc became ruler of all the kingdom of Powys in northeast Wales in 1132 after the death of his father Prince Maredudd.

His army took part in the Battle of Lincoln in 1141, coming to the aid of the Earl of Chester and against his brother-in-law, the King of Gwynedd on the western border of Powys. But in 1150, King Owain defeated Madoc and took over part of his lands. Then in 1157, King Henry II of England (William the Conqueror's grandson) invaded Gwynedd, so the brothers-in-law became friends again and Prince Madoc helped drive King Henry back.

In 1149, Prince Madoc seized Oswestry in Shropshire, England. For the next eight years, he occupied Oswestry Castle. See But after the invasion of King Henry II in 1157, he had to give up Oswestry.

Madoc ap Maredudd was the last prince of the entire kingdom of Powys.

He died in 1160 and is buried in the church of St. Tysilio at Meifod. The photo above right is from and is a stone slab believed to have once covered the coffin of Prince Madoc or a descendant. This church still is being used. See

Prince Madoc's eldest son was killed soon after he succeeded his father, so the rule of Powys was shared by several sons and nephews. After this, Powys was divided into two parts ~ Powys Fadog/Madog in the north, and Powys Wensynwyn in the south.