Descendants of Prince Bleddyn ap Cynfyn

Through Bleddin


Generations 1 – 5 from A History of Wales from the Earliest Times” by John Edward Lloyd, 1911,

and  Charles Cawley, Foundation for Medieval Genealogy,

Both referred to ancient manuscripts.


Generations 6 – 10:  The raised- note numbers (& dates) next to names refer to the document number in

Court Records-UK, sorted by date on this website.

 The “t” refers to titles the person held.



Generation 1



b.         c. 1000

m.        Angharad, dtr. of Maredudd ab Owain of the Dinefwr dynasty of Deheubarth

t.          1063  In-law’s dynasty ended at assassination of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn & takeover by Harold Godwinson)





A1       BLEDDYN / BLETHYN (see B below)

A2       Rhiwallon (1060 given Powys by Harold Godwinson), d. 1075


Generation 2


Domesday [Book of William the Conqueror] lists the tenant of nearby Brogynton as Madoc, possibly the son of Bleyddn ap Cynfyn, the Prince of Powys.  (“Owestry Castle” in Shropshire, England, by David Timmins, from


B         BLEDDYN / BLETHYN (same as A1 above)

b.         c. 1030 Deheubarth (S. Wales)

m.        Haer of Powys, dtr of Cillin and 3 other marriages

t.          1060 Harold Godwinson defeated the dynasty and gave Gwynedd (NW Wales) to Bleddyn (gave Powys in NE Wales to bro. Rhiwallon)

            1070 Ruled Powys upon brother’s death.  Then was     King/Prince of Gwynedd and Powys

d.         1075




B1       Madoc, b.c. 1060, d. 1088

B2       RHIRYD, b.c. 1065, d. 1088 (see C below)

B3        Cadwgan, (Prince of 1/3 of Powys), b,c, 1070 Powys, Wales, son Owain, d. 1111

B4        Iorwerth, (Prince of 1/3 of Powys), b.c. 1075 Powys, Wales, no sons, d. 1111

B5       MAREDUDD, (Prince of 1/3 of Powys, then all of Powys), b.c. 1080 (see CC below)

B6        Llywellyn, b.c. 1085


“The three brothers [Cadwgan, Iorwerth, and Maredudd] held their lands as vassals of Robert of Belleme, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury.  In 1102 the Earl was summoned to answer charges at the court of King Henry I of England [William the Conqueror’s son] and responded by rising in rebellion against the king.  All three brothers initially supported Robert and took up arms on his behalf.  The king…detache[ed] Iorwerth…from his alliance with Robert and his own brothers by the promise of large gifts of land.  William succeeded in this, and Iorwerth, after leading a large Welsh force to help the king defeat and banish Earl Robert, then captured his brother Maredudd and handed him over to the king.”


Below is from Court Records of the UK on this website, sorted by date, showing the document in today’s Lancashire Record Office, saying Madoc, son of Bleiddyn and brother of Iorwerth, were loyal to Rbt Banastre when he was exiled. 



Son of Bleiddyn,

Bro. Of Iorwerth

Lancashire Record Office

Hulton [Family] of Hulton


Held lands in Hulton, Wales before 1200.  Loyal to Rbt Banastre when exiled.



Generation 3


C         RHIRYD (same as B2 above)

b.         c. 1065 Powys, Wales






C1       Madoc

C2       Iorwerth

C3       Ithel, d. 1124

C4       Cadwgan

C5       Cynwng


CC       MAREDUDD (same as B5 above)

b.         c. 1080 Powys, Wales


t.          Prince of 1/3 of Powys, then all of Powys

d.         1132




CC1     MADOC (see D below)

CC2     Gruffydd, Lord of Mawddy (had sons Owain and Meurig), d. 1128

CC3     Hywel, d. 1142

CC4     Iorwerth “Goch the Red” (had son Madoc)


Generation 4


D         MADOC (same as CC1 above)

b.         c. 1125 Powys, Wales

m.        Susanna, sister of Owain Gwynedd, Prince/King of Gwynedd

t.          Prince of Powys

            Occupied Owestry Castle in Shropshire between 1149-1157

d.         1160




D1       Llwellyn, b.c. 1110, d. 1160

D2       Gruffudd “Maelor”, b.c. 1115 Powys, Wales, Prince of Northern Powys (Fadog), d.1128

D3       Marared, b.c. 1120, m. Iorwerth Dryndwn (had son “Llywelyn the Great”)

D4       Gwenllian, b.c. 1125 m. Rhys ap Gruffydd, prince of Deheubarth

D3       OWAIN “BROGYNTN” b.c. 1130 (see E below)

D4       MADOC b.c. 1133 (see EE below)


Generation 5


E          OWAIN “BROUGYNTN” (same as D3 above)

b.         b.c. 1130

m.        Margaret, dtr. of Einion





E1        BLEIDDYN1(1100s)  BLETHIN4(1200s) b.c. 1170 WALES (see Madocs of Sutton-MaddockShropshire chart)

E2        IORWERTH1(1100s) b.c. 1175, WALES (see F below)

E3        Gruffydd, b.c. 1180 (had son Dafydd)


Generation 6



F.         BLEIDDYN1 BLETHIN4(1200s)-5(1200s)-19(1200s)-20(1200s)-23(1200s)-24(1200s)-25(1200s)-78(1290) BLETHYN6(1200s) BLETHINUS of/de Acton5-6-7-8-9-10-25 (same as E1 above)

b.         c. 1170 WALES






F1        MADOC of/de Acton4(1200s)-5(1200s)-19(1200s)-24(1200s)-78(1290) (see G below) b.c. 1200

F2        Eyniowyn6(1200s)-8(1200s) Eynwon10(1200s)-52(1260)-53(1260) b.c. 1210

F3        Guy11(1200s) b.c. 1220


Generation 7


G         MADOC of/de Acton4(1200s)-5(1200s)-64(1270) (same as F1 above)

b.         c. 1200 Lancashire, ENG






F1        Wyon38(1200s) of Acton39(1200s) b.c. 1230

F2        Eynion7(1200s)-9(1200s)  b.c. 1235  

F3        Ainian3 Aynon4(1200s)-5(1200s)-23(1200s)-24(1200s)-26(1200s)-62(1270) b.c. 1240

F4        Emma64(1270) b.c. 1245

F5        MADOC of MADOC(1200s)-19(1200s)-20(1200s)-23(1200s)-30(1200s)-94(1300s) (see G below) b.c. 1250


Generation 8


H         MADOC of MADOC of Acton

b.         c. 1250, Lancashire, ENG






H1       BALDWIN118(1330) b.c. 1270  (had son Madoc)118(1330) b.c. 1300 (see I below)

H2       Madoc of Acton b.c. 1280

H3       Walter40(1200s)-72(1279)-107(1315)-109(1316)-113(1320), b.c. 1290

H4       Eynon111(1320) b.c. 1295


Generation 9


I           BALDWIN, MADOC, OR WALTER (same as G1, G2, or G3 above)

b.         1270-1290, Lancashire, ENG






I-1       MADOC of Acton, b.c. 1340 (see J below)


Generation 10


J.         MADOC of Acton (Same as I-1 above)

b.         c. 1340, Lancashire, ENG






J1         MADOC of Acton, b.c. 1375168(1400s)-  (moved to the Platte in 1409)?172(1409)

J2         Richard Madok b.c. 1380181(1435)

J3         John Madoc b.c. 1385182(1440)



There was also the following with a deed in the Suffolk Record Office

I do not know how he fits in with the above family


A.        MADOC de Broughton 14 (late 1200s)

b.         c. 1200


d.         Broughton, Lancashire, ENG




A1       JORNETH/IORWERTH 14(late 1200s) b.c. 1230

b.         c. 1225



These are the last Madoc’s of Lancashire through 1499

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