of the 17th & 18th centuries
Some were immigrant Samuel's line
Some were Cornelius' line

These Notleys have been claimed by many people in many variations. While there were indeed several Notleys, some seem to be wishful thinking in the absence of any other possible known father for one's ancestors, as noted by varied statistics for one person. They are presented here to encourage those who believe they descend from a Notley to consider all the alternatives.

NAME DOB Place of Birth Wife DOD Place of Death Father Mother
Notley 1 1672 St. Mary's Co., MD Jane Warren 1716 St. Mary's Co., MD Samuel Ann Notley
Notley 2 1697 St. Mary's Co., MD Mary Warren 1757 or 1775 Charles Co., MD Notley Margaret Goldsmith Or Margaret Gerard
Notley 3 1706 or 1712 Charles Co., MD Elizabeth Martin 1786 Charles Co., MD James Mary ____
Notley 4 1730 Charles Co., MD Susannah Lee 1861 Charles Co., MD Or St. Mary's Co., MD Notley Mary Warren
Notley 5 Warren 1730 or 1760 Charles Co., MD St. Mary's Co., MD Frances Dillard 1816 Wilson Co., TN Notley Suzannah Lee Or Elizabeth ___
Notley 6 1731 St. Mary's Co., MD Susannah Burch 1820 Henry/Shelby Co., KY John Mary Dyson
Notley 7 1731 or 1767 Charles Co., MD Violetta Tarvin 1801 Mason Co., KY Notley Elizabeth Martin
Notley 8 (Wm) 1738 or 1767 St. Mary's Co., MD Violetta Boswell 1801 Mason Co., KY William Elizabeth
Notley 9 c. 1740 Charles Co., MD Elizabeth 1780 Charles Co., MD -- --
Notley 10 c. 1745 St. Mary's Co., MD Mary Ann Compton 1813 Rowan Co., NC Samuel Lydia Turner
Notley 11 (John) 1761 St. Mary's Co., MD Nancy Ann Freeman c.1835 Morgan Co., IL Notley Susannah Lee
Notley 12 1773 Charles Co., MD Kitie Southerland 1859 Culpeper Co., VA Notley Susannah Burch

There were still more Notleys in the 19th century, and even into the 20th century.If you have a Notley in your family, good luck!

But isn't it a majestic name?