Four Mayors

MOSES REDOUT MADDOCKS was Mayor of Seattle, Washington, in 1873. He was born of Ezekiel and Esther Blood Maddocks, in Bucksport, Hancock Co., ME, 1833. Completely orphaned by the age of 14, he lived with an older brother, Ezekiel, and an uncle working a farm in the summer and going to school in the winter. In 1856 he decided to go west, and got involved in farming and lumbering in MN. Next he went to NYC for passage to CA through Panama. In Sacramento he bought an uproductive mine, and in San Francisco worked at a saw mill. In 1858 he went to WA state where he became involved with Puget Sound Logging. In 1863 he was elected State Senator for the Democratic Party. In 1865 he built the great Occidental Hotel in Seattle. He then bought a drug store which he kept until 1882. He continued to make great profits in real estate, but lost nearly everything in the great Seattle fire of 1889. He regrouped, however, and re-entered real estate, and lived off his profits the rest of his life.

Maddocks married Susie Williamson of NY in 1866 Seattle. His father was Ezekiel Maddocks, b. 1789, a merchant and trader in Hancock Co., ME. His grandfather was Ezekiel Maddocks who emmigrated from Wales to Philadelphia, PA, where he lived in 1820. (A Moses Maddocks was b.c. 1844 Llangynwyd, Glamorgan Co., Wales, according to the 1891 census This may have been Mayor Maddocks' cousin.) By 1830 Ezekiel was in ME. This family is buried in the Bucksport Cemetery in Hancock Co. The original Bucksport homestead was still in possession of descendants in the 20 century.

FRANCIS M. MADDOX was Mayor of Austin, TX, 1907-1909. He was born 1851 in Grayson Co., TX, one of 16 children of Nicholas and Sarah Nix Maddox of Lincoln Co., TN. He married his wife, Laura, in Austin, Tarrant Co.

He gained wealth in the real estate and cattle business, being Vice President of Day Land and Cattle Company in Austin. His Brother, John Wilson Maddox, was treasurer. The company chartered for 50 years with a capital stock of $510,000, and bought 174,854 acres of donation and bounty land which they then leased. In 1885 it leased 203,000 acres in Greer Co., but Greer was soon ceded to OK, creating a major decline in the company.

F. M.'s grandfather was William Maddox, b.c. 1768 VA. His pedigree chart is on this website.

JOHN W. MADDOX was mayor of Rome, Georgia, in 1907.

John W. Maddox was b. 1848, and died Floyd Co., GA. He was the son of George Bleggame Taylor Maddox b. 1818 Greene Co., GA, and died there 1867. George's father was Josiah Maddox b. 1777 Goochland Co., VA, and d. 1826 Green Co., GA. Josiah's father was William Maddox b.c. 1740 Goochland Co., VA, and died Cumberland Co., VA. William's father was William Maddox b. 1718 VA, and d. 1800 Buckingham Co., VA. William's father was John Maddox b. 1700 New Kent Co., VA, and d. 1748 Goochland Co., VA. John's father was John Maddock b. 1667 Wales or England.

ROBERT FOSTER MADDOX was mayor of Atlanta, GA, 1909-1910. He was CEO of American National Bank, founded by his father under the former name of Maddox-Rucker Banking Co. He was Vice-President of the United States Chamber of Commerce, board member of Georgia Power Co., Southern Bell Telephone Co., Pres. of Georgia Bankers Assn, Pres. of Atlanta & Florida RR, member GA State board of Health, Trustee of Vanderbilt Univ., CEO of Rhodes Home for Incurables, and other organizations. He personally paid for a new city hall, and for a wing of Grady Hospital. He died at age 95 in Atlanta.

Mr. Maddox was b. in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA, in 1870, son of Robert Flournoy (b. 1829) and Nancy Reynolds Maddox. He married Lollie Baxter in 1895. His children were Robert Foster, Nathaniel Baxter, and Laura. His grandfather was Edward F. maddox of Troup Co., and Cass Co., GA, who married Mary F. Sale in Putnam Co., GA, 1824. It is believed that Edward (b. 1799 VA) was the son of Notley Maddox who died in Rowan Co., NC, in 1813. Go here for more on his father.