John Maddock(c.1807 ~ 1877)

John Maddock was baptized on July 19, 1807, the son of John and Sarah Maddock.

His company, John Maddock and Sons, was founded about 1830. Though some believe John Jr. started the company, he was only 23 at the time. It is more likely that his father was the founder. The business was located on Newcastle Street, Burslem Stafford Shire/County, England. John Jr. married Martha Knowles, and among his children was James Maddock.

According to a write up about him at, John had a partnership from 1839 to 1842 with a Mr. Seddon. At first they made granite ware to export to America, but through the years advanced to fine china.

Being very health conscious, he was a member of Burslem's Board of Health from 1850 to 1868 and was chairman 1852-3 and 1854-5. In 1852, he offered to build public baths at his own expense if he could be guaranteed 50 pounds in subscriptions. John Maddock Jr retired from the business in the 1870s and died shortly after in 1877

To the right is the Maddock trademark used until around 1880

Between 1880 and 1896, he used these trademarks:

In 1896, he added "Ltd" to his trademark.

About 1896 he added "& Sons" to his trademark.

In 1906 he changed "& Sons" to "& Co" but it did not last long. He also added the term "Stone China." He introduced another trademark this year also and added the term "Semi Porcelain".

Trademark introduced 1927 adding "Royal Ivory"


In 1945, one trademark added "Made in England" and the other replaced "Royal Ivory" with "Ivory Ware"

In 1955 they added part of the Welsh symbol.

Trademark of 1960

Trademark of 1961

The Maddock china and pottery are still for sale, many of which appear on EBay

The Maddock china and pottery are still for sale, many of which appear on EBay