Madoc Crypl(b.c. 1260, d. 1304)

I in "Welsh Madoc Dynasties: Kingdom of Powys"

This Prince Madoc born about 1260, and was ruler of Powys Fadog. He was Lord of Dinas Bran, the name of the family castle. See (A tune associated with the castle can also be heard on the aforementioned website.) See also The castle was named for King Bran Fendigaid the Blessed, a mythical Celtic god, and included in legends of King Arthur so sometimes called the Grail Castle. It is also called the Castle of Corbenic, French for Crow or Raven, and Bran in Welsh. It is therefore sometimes called Crow Castle. See Today it is above the town of Llangollen in Denbighshire.

Prince Madoc's father, Prince Gruffyd Fychan, was stripped of power in 1284 when English King Edward I took away the independence of Wales, set up some of his own government appointees and established counties out of some of the former kingdoms. King Edward also burned this castle. Since Prince Madoc continued to be Lord of Dinas Bran, perhaps he lived in a portion of the castle not destroyed. Edward's power often waned in resentful and rebellious Wales.

Also known as Madoc Crypl, Prince Madoc is sometimes further known as Madoc III of Powys Fadog. He died fairly young in 1304.

His son, Madoc Fychan, succeeded him as ruler. Both he and his son are buried at this location.