Madoc ap Gruffydd Maelor(b.c. 1165, d. 1236)

F in Welsh Madoc Dynasties: Kingdom of Powys"

This Prince Madoc came to power upon the death in 1191 of his father, Gruffydd Maelor, and soon thereafter consolidated all his father's possessions and built Dinas/Castle Bran, becoming it's first lord. Madoc ruled Powys Fadog, the upper half of the larger kingdom of Powys, Fadog being a variation of Madog. He married Isota and lived where his father did near Ruabon/Rhiwabon, in today's Denbigshire near the Shropshire border. His ancient residence just south of Wrexham was called Wattstay, but later Wynnstay.

In 1194, a Welsh historian said, "As I can bear witness, the Welsh pay greater respect than any other people to their churches, to men in orders, the relics of the saints, holy books and the Cross itself" (Descriptio Kambriae) One of Prince Madoc's accomplishments was the founding Valle Crucis Abbey for Cistercian monks. This Abbey was established in 1201 during his rule and through his benevolence for white-robed "choir monks" who also had extensive farms they cultivated themselves. See and

He died in 1236, and was buried at Valle Crucis Abbey, a church which still stands, one half mile north of Llangollen in Denbighshire, Wales.

His children were Guffydd Maelor II, Gruffydd Lal, Maredudd, Hywel, Madoc Fychan, and Angharad. Madoc Fychan died in 1269, the same year as brother Gruffydd Maelor II ap Madoc who has succeeded their father as ruler of Powys.